sexta-feira, setembro 01, 2006


Perfidious Albion" means "treacherous Britain" ("Albion" deriving from the pre-Roman name for Britain). The phrase was coined in a poem of 1793 by Augustin, Marquis of Ximenez, who wrote,

Attaquons dans ses eaux la perfide Albion

which means "Let us attack the perfidious Albion in her waters". It was popularised in 1813 when it was used as a recruiting slogan during the Napoleonic Wars.

Convenhamos que em termos de guerras Napoleonicas, "Attaquons dans ses eaux la perfide Albion", nao foi das melhores decisoes ... so excedida talvez por uma ideia brilhante que Napoleao teve em 1812 "Envahissons la Russie!"