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The Dreamachine (or Dream Machine) was invented by Beat generation members Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville in 1959.
In its original form, the Dreamachine is made from a cylinder with slits cut in the sides. The cylinder is placed on a record turntable and rotated at 78 RPM. A light bulb is suspended in the center of the cylinder and the rotation speed allows the light to come out from the holes at a constant frequency, situated between 8 and 13 pulses per second. This frequency range corresponds to alpha waves, electrical oscillations normally present in the human brain while relaxing.
The Dreamachine is "viewed" with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain's electrical oscillations. It is claimed that viewing a Dreamachine allows one to enter the state of lucid dreaming.
Fonte: Wikipedia


At 2:52 da tarde, Blogger neptumância said...

é gira a maquineta.
e há relatos de experiências?

At 2:55 da tarde, Blogger neptumância said...

e o Metropolis?

que verificação de palavras tão supimpa!


At 10:12 da tarde, Blogger Gabriel said...

Joana, prometo participar ativamente aqui quando aprender inglês!


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