sexta-feira, dezembro 02, 2005


Liebe Perla
Director: Shahar Rozen
The fascinating story of the special friendship forged between two women: Perla Ovitz, the last remnant of a family of dwarfs that survived Dr. Mengele’s cruel experiments in Auschwitz, and researcher Hannelore Witkovsky a German Protestant born after the war. Filmed in both Germany and Israel, we accompany Hannelore on her quest to find a lost film, made by Dr. Mengele, featuring Perla and her siblings.
Best Documentary in the Tursak Festival, Istanbul, 2000 The Magnolia prize for best Documentary in Humanities, Festival Shanghai 2000 The ‘Masua’ Award for best Documentry dealing with the Holocaust

Fonte: Cinephil

Os sete irmaos Ovitz, Perla e a primeira a contar da esquerda.