terça-feira, novembro 21, 2006


"Actor Edward Norton is leading a celebrity charge to banish lavishing gift baskets on presenters at top awards shows. The Illusionist star is appalled by the freebies celebrities pick up backstage at events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, while many people watching the ceremonies at home are struggling to pay the rent and feed their kids. He says, "A lot of us have talked to the Academy Awards producers about this and I think they're actually going to scuttle the gift baskets and that kind of stuff. I mean the gift baskets, worth amounts of money that a low income family could live on for a year, (are given to) people who have so much already. It gets depressing. You sit there, going, 'This is an embarrassment.'"
Fonte: imdb


At 5:20 da tarde, Blogger Patrícia said...

E é meismo!!

At 10:36 da tarde, Blogger papalagui said...

Nem mais!

At 12:45 da manhã, Blogger ana said...

Depois dos últimos Óscares, o Clooney leiloou a sua cesta de presentes em benefício de uma associação de solidariedade.

At 1:16 da tarde, Blogger syrin said...

Sim senhor, gostei.
Mais uma razão para ser um dos meus actores favoritos! :)


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